Mar 19, 2014

DCPS IS Violating the Law!

Dear Members of the WTU Bargaining Unit:

 It has come to our attention that DCPS has disseminated a survey to members of our bargaining unit asking among other things, whether you approve or disapprove of extending the school day by one hour next year.

 WTU is the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for the purpose of negotiating all matters related to rates of pay, wages, benefits, hours of employment and working conditions for all employees in the WTU bargaining unit.  It is an unfair labor practice for DCPS, any employee in a management position in DCPS or any member of the WTU bargaining unit to violate the bargaining rights granted by law under collective bargaining. (View Article 1 on PAGE 8 of the WTU Collective Bargaining Agreement).

If you are asked to complete a survey, it is necessary that you do the following immediately:

 1.  If the question pertains to any of the above, write in "subject to collective   bargaining".

2.  Record who asked you to complete the survey and the date and approximate time.

3.  Keep careful records of any acts of intimidation, coercion, or threats to solicit a particular response to items in the survey.

4.   Notify your WTU Field Specialist immediately with your information by calling:  202-293-8600 and forward all surveys to our attention.

 Educators in the WTU bargaining unit are law abiding members.  Demonstrate this to others.

In Solidarity,

Candi Peterson
WTU General Vice President


Anonymous said...

Your blogging.-is the only way we know what is going on in DCPS. DCPS needs to focus on sped instead of lengthening the school day. Stop forcing inclusion through budget cuts. We need theUnion to bring the lack of enough sped support and the broken sped system to the forefront instead of longer school days.

Anonymous said...

DCPS is promoting 5 millions for computers. Can we get working clocks at my school? Our clocks have not worked all year, how can I maximize instruction? My students can't monitor their time.. Can we get computers for our students to use in class, some of our classrooms have no computers and most have 2? Give us the basics before try to spin great PR campaigns and lengthening the school day.

Anonymous said...

Every time DCPS has extended the school day we earn less. Trace the contracts from the mid-90's when the day started at 8:45 not 9pm. See what we've lost.